The reason for producing this site was to share photos and information with fellow enthusiasts covering many aspects of transportation such as planes, cars & trucks, railways as well as ships. The main focus is on aviation.

True to the saying: "A picture says more than a thousand words", several Image Galleries are also part of this site. Visits to various locations around the world not only results in the image gallery being updated, but often also lead to an article which is then added to the Reports & Visits section of this site.

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9 October 2016
Aircraft - Last update of image gallery
4 October 2016
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2 October 2016
Car - Last update of image gallery
8 October 2016
Ship - Last update of image gallery
11 September 2016

Some elder images are being rescanned and added to the database. Those images do not qualify for the "Latest 60 images". They can be found in the section "Taken from Slides"

This site is being updated on a regular basis with new images, additional information, and more reports.